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Adsorption Air Dryers

Basco / Whitlock Hub-Design Heat Exchanger

API Heat Transfer's extensive line of Basco/Whitlock HT, AHT, heat exchangers offers the benefits of non-ferrous construction in a highly standardized design for maximum flexibility at minimum cost. Hub design advantages include increased corrosion resistance, maximum obtainment of tube quantity in a given diameter for better efficiency, and lower entrance velocity and pressure drop as a result of the dome shell nozzle

To address the very basic of needs for industrial heating and cooling applications, the Model BWS and BW U-Tube heat exchangers offer highly standardized construction at a very attractive price. The BWS is designed for Water-to-Steam, while the BW is built for Water to Water service. Units are also available as Immersion Tank Heat Exchangers.                

Basco / Whitlock u-tube Heat Exchanger

1. Certified Architectural Products

Certification and testing is carried out by authorities such as Lloyds

Fire Doors : A10—H120

Fire Ratings           A0 – H120

Custom made to all sizes

Fire Rated Windows : A0—H120

Certified by Lloyds DNV

Manufactured to all sizes and specifications for use onshore & offshore

Fire Rated Blast Walls

Built under SOLAS requirement for Cellular (A), Hydrocarbon (H) & Jetfire (J)


Different ratings from 0 – 120 mins

Fire Rated Walls

A60 Buildings for Offshore and Onshore, Zone 1, 2 and Safe Area Modular – Hire or New Built


We are offered large fleet of offshore A60 accommodation, office, workshop, laboratory for Hire, the hires centers located at DUBAI, Singapore and Aberdeen.


The 3 HIRE Super Centers located at strategic locations worldwide :

· 24/7, 365 day/year HIRE service to the Oil and Gas Industry

· Wire Range of Offshore A60 Units available from stock

· Manufactured to the latest industry standard – DNV, ATEX (CE), SOLAS A60, NORSOK


Flexibility, can be fitted out as Office, Accommodation, MWD Labs, Control Room etc.

Modular Building and Packing Solution

A60 CSC Certified Accommodation

2. A60 DNV Certified Accommodation—HIRE Fleet

High quality Vitherm gasketed plate heat exchangers are designed with easy access for regular servicing and for a long, low-maintenance lifetime with low life-cycle costs. The gasketed plate and frame heat exchanger consists of a plate pack of a calculated number of embossed plates with perimeter gaskets clamped securely with tie rods between  two thick carbon steel plates.

Our types of products are:-

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